4 Ways to Change Your Wedding Colors by Season

COVID-19 has taken an unfortunate toll on weddings across Ohio and beyond. Many couples are finding themselves having to reschedule their wedding to a new date – oftentimes in a completely different season than they had originally planned. 

While your big day will still be just as spectacular as you had envisioned, you may be thinking that the bright fuchsia you chose for your summer wedding isn’t quite working with your new November date. Or perhaps the light lavender you chose for April doesn’t match the Autumn hues of October. 

Don’t fret! You have a couple options to ensure your color palette still shows off your style and personality. 

Wedding reception table setting

Photo: Red Gallery Photography

Option 1: Don’t change your colors

Sure, coral might not be the classic color choice for a winter wedding, but who cares!? If you love the colors you picked before coronavirus struck, stick with them! Keep your wedding a true reflection of your personality as a couple and impress your guests with just how well you pull off coral in December. 

Option 2: Completely change colors

If you aren’t married (punny, right?) to your chosen color palette, change it! Of course, this option is easiest for those who haven’t yet sent out Save the Dates, invitations, etc. If you have already done these things, however, opt for a complementary color palette that deviates from your original colors while still maintaining a visual aesthetic. 

Wedding reception table setting

Photo: Jenna Greenawalt Photography

Option 3: Alter your colors – Spring wedding

If your spring color palette included pastels, try making each color more “dusty” for a fall or winter wedding. For example, if you chose a blush pink, make this into a dusty rose. A mint green could become sage green. Or, a light periwinkle becomes a dusty blue. This way, your colors can stay similar to your original palette while also fitting the new season. 

Option 4: Alter your colors – Summer wedding

Balance out the bright, bold colors of summer by incorporating some darker hues, as well as some neutrals. Picture this: peach or burnt orange balanced with navy blue and burgundy. Sunflower yellow combined with maroon and dark gray. Aqua with gold and cream. Your palette will be complementary and visually appealing, while still incorporating a striking element.

Although rescheduling your wedding is a very stressful process, we hope that with these tips your wedding colors reflect and express your style as a couple. We will get through this strange time together (and with an awesome wedding color palette)!

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