A Quarantine Wedding, It’s Not What You Wanted, We Know

bride and groom create fun face masks for their quarantine wedding

Like most of us, you have been waiting your whole life to marry the man/woman of your dreams, maybe even since you were a little boy or girl.  And for your own reasons, you’ve picked a 2020 wedding date that fits you as a couple.  But the world is challenging this.  We are forced to deal with a global pandemic that affects each one of us differently, and none in a positive way.

The fairytale wedding you’ve dreamed about is being altered and tested. Nowadays, the “traditional” wedding may not be doable. However, it holds true that the most important part of this day is to marry the one you love and beginning your lives together.

So how do we celebrate love, when there is so much uncertainty and nervousness around the world?

Let’s look at the guidelines:
Wedding ceremony – yes!
Couple getting to visit with guests – yes!
Delicious food – yes!
Open bar – yes!
First dances – yes!
Cake cutting – yes!

Unfortunately, based on current government restrictions, weddings will be forced to rethink cocktail hour, seating arrangements, meal service, and dancing.  But in honor of celebrating love, our goal is to share ways in which you can celebrate with your family and friends, even though it may look a little different than you pictured.

Consider this: Live streamed ceremony
Details: For those that feel it is unsafe to celebrate in person, consider working with your Videographer to live stream your ceremony.  That way, people can still be a part of your day while not sacrificing their health and safety.
Cost: This will depend on your videographer’s capabilities and the venues internet bandwidth.  Start the conversations to see if this is something your team can make happen!

Consider this: Family introduction cocktail hour
Details: Similar to bridal shower games, have your guests stand at their tables and offer their stories of how they met the couple!  They can also take this time to share their well wishes to the newlyweds.
Cost: Nothing!  And you’ll get to hear some fun stories that you and your guests can reminisce on for years to come!

Consider this: Jeopardy reception
Details: Work with John at VIP Events to develop a list of categories and trivia questions.  The whole group can play and learn about the couple, making it super personal and unforgettably fun!
Cost:  You’ll want to inquire directly or reach out to your Darby House venue coordinator for more info!

While the “traditional” style wedding day may be out the window, these fun alternatives bring even more personality to your day and will make it memorable and enjoyable. Guests will leave entertained – not missing the time standing in line at the bar, not missing the last bruschetta on the display platter, not worrying about pit sweats on the dance floor.

It’s time we get back to celebrating love in a way that just might become the newest “tradition.”

Even though it’s not what you may have first envisioned, it’s going to be beautiful day for you and your new spouse!

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