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Tips for Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

As a bride, one of the most stressful aspects of your big day will be discovering the perfect wedding dress. From strapless slim silhouettes to gorgeous Cinderella ballgowns, the world certainly isn’t lacking any inspiration.


Advice for Choosing Your Wedding Color Scheme

Your wedding day will be comprised of many beautiful details! From your gorgeous linens to your stunning floral arrangements, you will showcase many elements of décor to bring your big day to life!


Tips for Being Stress-Free on Your Wedding Day

Being stressed out on your wedding day is a modern-day expectation for many brides. In fact, the term “Bridezilla” is tossed around one too many times to reference a tense bride.


Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2019

Finding inspiration for a wedding dress can become overwhelming, as there are so many sources in which you can turn to. From magazines to Pinterest, you may have ideas all over the place as to how you would like your big day gown to appear.


Tips for Choosing the Date for Your Wedding

Now that you and your new fiancé know that you are tying the knot, you will be able to start planning your wedding. One of your first tasks will be to pick a date!


Tips for Beating the Heat at Your Summer Wedding

If you have decided to host a summer wedding, you have made a wonderful choice! These sun beaming down on you and your partner as you vow your love to one another …what could be more beautiful than that?


The History of the Darby House in Galloway, Ohio

The Darby Dan Farm was founded in 1935, as it was originally 110 acres, and purchased by John W. Galbreath. The farm is now managed by his grandson, John W Galbreath II. Over time, the farm has evolved, and its beauty continues to blossom!