Celebrating Your Original Wedding Date

With weddings throughout the summer forced to reschedule due to COVID-19, your original wedding date may be quickly approaching. You may be experiencing a mix of emotions — anxiety about the current and future state of the virus, stress about rescheduling your wedding, sadness about having to wait longer to marry the love of your life, eagerness to get married and start a life together, and everything in-between. 

Whether you want to celebrate your original wedding date with friends and family or want to refocus your energy on your new date, we’ve compiled some awesome ways to spend your day and connect with your soon-to-be spouse.

1. Browse old photos. 

Take a walk down memory lane with old photos and memorabilia! The two of you will be able to reminisce on your relationship — from the beginning dates to getting engaged. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even make a scrapbook to document your love story and share it with guests at your wedding.

2. Plan a romantic date.

Stay home for the night (or go out if you’re able!) and reconnect with your partner. Cook up a nice dinner, get dressed up, crack open a bottle of wine, and enjoy each other’s company.

3. Indulge in some cake. 

Order a mini version of your wedding cake from your baker to share with your partner. You can even slice it together and smash some in each other’s faces! If you were more excited about your special desserts table (s’mores bar, anyone?), bake some goodies together and treat yourself!

Celebrating your original wedding date with a mini version of your cake

Photo: Jenna Greenawalt Photography

4. Share your vows. 

Recite your vows to one another as a way to demonstrate your commitment to one another. It will be a more private, intimate setting than your ceremony, and it will remind you of the reason for your special day – love.

5. Host a virtual cocktail hour or reception. 

Spend some time with your family and friends virtually! Share your signature drink recipe with them so they can whip up your cocktail or mocktail, or ask them to join for dinner. Your guests can even give speeches, share wedding advice, and toast to you!

6. Practice self-care. 

Rescheduling your wedding is very stressful, so why not pamper yourself for the day? Try out a facial or hair mask, take a bubble bath, sip on some fruit-infused water, give each other massages, etc.

7. Open up your gifts.

If the gifts from your registry are starting to pile up, open up one or two of them (or all of them – we don’t judge!). You may even be able to get a head start on all those thank you notes.

8. Focus on your new date.

If you’re finding it difficult to embrace your new date, try diving into planning and see how you feel. Tackle those DIY projects, meet with your vendors, create your playlists, and more! Once you get in the groove, you may find yourself getting more excited for your new celebration.

9. Dance the night away. 

Enjoy the intimacy of getting to experience your first dance with just the two of you. Turn on the music, move your living room furniture, and dance. Maybe you’ll even keep the party going and dance all night long!

Celebrating your original wedding date with a dance

Photo: Derk’s Works

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