Our Honeymoon Planning Guide

With all the chaos of wedding planning, it can be easy to accidentally overlook all the details of planning your honeymoon at the same time. Whether you’re dreaming of a relaxing vacation on the beach or an adventure-filled trip to an exotic location, follow this timeline to ensure your honeymoon planning goes just as smoothly as your wedding planning


Eight Months Before Honeymoon

(or more – early is always better!)

  • Determine your honeymoon budget. If you’re finding your wallet stretched a bit thin due to your wedding, brainstorm ways you can save money over the next few months. Some credit cards offer reward points that can be applied to travel, or you can include a honeymoon fund on your wedding registry. 
  • Choose a destination. Talking with a travel agent can help narrow down your options based on your budget. They can also give you insight if you’re looking for a spot with certain activities, like skiing, scuba diving, or sightseeing. 
  • Reserve your hotel room.
  • Purchase your flight tickets. Keep in mind other add-ons like luggage and in-flight meals. 
  • Research if certain vaccines are required for the country you are traveling to. You can get this info by visiting the CDC Travelers’ Health Site.


Honeymoon Fund

Six Months

  • If you’re having a shorter engagement, complete the above!
  • If needed, get your passport and any visas. 
  • If needed, book a rental car or any other transportation you might need like train rides, transportation from the airport, etc. 
  • Get travel insurance. It may seem arbitrary at first, but you are spending a lot of money on a very special vacation. Travel insurance can cover costs if the unexpected happens, such as illness, severe weather, and more. 
  • If you’re headed to a foreign country, consider taking a language class or downloading a language app to start learning!


Three Months

  • Plan out your itinerary. Check out travel blogs for your destination or do a search on Instagram to find activities and restaurants that appeal to you. 
  • Shop for any larger items you may need, like a camera, bathing suits, or luggage. 


Two Months

  • Book any tickets or reservations you may need, including theatre tickets, tours, restaurant reservations, etc. 


One Month

  • Finalize your packing list and shop for any items you may need.
  • Confirm all reservations. 
  • Make arrangements for your pets, house, and/or children. 
  • Fill any prescriptions you take regularly to ensure you have enough for your trip.


Honeymoon car

Photo: AZAR Photography

Two Weeks

  • If needed, exchange a small amount of money into the currency of the country you’ll be traveling to. This will cover your ride from the airport and any food or items you purchase before settling in. 
  • Make copies of your documents, including IDs, passports, and credit cards. Take a set with you in case anything gets stolen, and leave a set with a trusted friend or family member at home. 
  • Jot down important phone numbers you may need, like the US embassy if you’re headed to a foreign country and your credit card company. 
  • Pack! The next two weeks will be filled with all-things wedding. Pack for your honeymoon early so you’re not overwhelmed last minute. 


Two to Three Days

  • Confirm all reservations (yes, again)
  • Check the weather of your destination and make any changes needed to your packing. 
  • Pack your carry-on for the flight. 


And last but certainly not least, enjoy your trip! Take this time to connect as newlyweds and truly enjoy each other’s company without distractions. 

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