Meet Our Team


The Darby House team ensures everything will run smoothly on your event day! From farm management to event execution, our team members support you throughout the event planning process to ensure your event exceeds your expectations. Meet the people that make it happen below!

Squire Galbreath

Owner and CEO

Squire is the current President of Darby House. He is the grandson of the original owner, John Galbreath, making Squire the 3rd generation of this family-run business!


Here are some of Squire’s favorites:

  • Favorite Food: A good salad
  • Dream Vacation Destiny: The wilds of Africa
  • Favorite Hobby: Hiking
  • Favorite Animal: Leopard
  • Favorite Season: Summer

Meet the Darby House team

Nicole McCrate

Director of Sales and Marketing

Nicole leads the team focusing on our property’s sales and marketing efforts. She is the main point of contact for all inquiries, tours, and also handles executing existing client events.

Here are some of Nicole’s favorites:

  • Fun fact: My favorite place in the world is Sorrento, Italy. I studied abroad there and returned for my honeymoon.
  • Favorite food:  Tacos (& Margaritas)
  • Dream vacation destination:  I absolutely love Sorrento, Italy (been three times!) but I would be happy on any beach!
  • Favorite hobby: In my spare time you can find me working out, crafting, cooking or buzzing around spending time with family & friends – Oh, and my hubby and I run a Photobooth company as a side hustle! 
  • Favorite animal: Dogs — we have 2! 
  • Favorite season: Fall — football, crisp weather and scenic hiking!

Meet the Darby House team

Scott Rothwell

Director of Operations

Scott leads the event operations side of our team and handles executing existing client events. He is also responsible for our caterer and vendor partnerships.

Here are some of Scott’s favorites:

  • Fun fact: I am a die-hard blue jackets fan…long-suffering day-one season ticket holder.
  • Favorite food: Strawberry shortcake 
  • Dream vacation destination: Over the Water Bungalow in Bora Bora
  • Favorite hobby: Cooking for friends
  • Favorite animal: I am embarrassed to say it because it’s not cool, but I’m a cat guy.
  • Favorite season: Fall

Meet the Darby House team

Jade Garcia

Event Manager

As the Events Manager, Jade assists ⁠with the planning and execution of Darby House events, as well as general marketing and social media efforts.

Here are some of Jade’s favorites:

  • Fun fact: Recently engaged! I am getting married in 2021! Tackling the Covid-19 wedding world.
  • Favorite food: Burgers
  • Dream vacation destination: Switzerland 
  • Favorite hobby: Exploring Columbus with my Fiance and dogs.
  • Favorite animal: Dogs! I have two golden retrievers.
  • Favorite season: Fall!

Ashley Hoye

Farm Manager

Ashley oversees and manages 1,522 acres of the family farm, including the Darby House.

Here are some of Ashley’s favorites:

  • Fun fact: I met my beautiful wife Jodi at The Darby House!
  • Favorite food: Meat Pies
  • Dream vacation destination: Iceland
  • Favorite hobby: Golf
  • Favorite animal: Bald Eagle
  • Favorite season: Spring


Kriste Gamble

Executive Administrator

Here are some of Kriste’s favorites:

  • Fun fact: I have always loved horseback riding since I was 6 years old! My favorite breed is a quarter horse.