Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding with These Ideas

Weddings and waste tend to (unfortunately) go hand in hand. With a guest count between 100 and 120, you can expect to create about 400 to 600 pounds of waste in six hours…yikes. 

Luckily, there are ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and celebrate in an environmentally conscious way. Check out these ideas for showing the earth some love on your special day!

1. Invites

Print your invitations and other stationary on recycled paper. For a fun twist, print them on plantable paper! Guests can plant your invitation and watch it grow into a beautiful plant. #LetLoveGrow, am I right?

Want to totally eliminate paper? Send out electronic invitations and keep all the important details on your wedding website. 

Plantable wedding invitation

2. Catering

With more and more couples requesting farm-to-table eats for their wedding, it’s becoming common for caterers to offer seasonal, local ingredients for your menu. Also ask your caterer where the leftover food goes after your wedding — could it be donated or composted to reduce waste?

3. Florals

For florals, stick with seasonal blooms that are locally sourced and sustainably grown. Potted plants, like succulents, are a great option for centerpieces because they will continue to live after all the festivities die down. Bonus! Give out your florals as a favor. Just make sure to have a point person that will create mini bouquets for each group. 

4. Decor

Using old books or candles from home is a cheap and sustainable way to decorate your space. If you’re purchasing new decor, opt for items that you would use in your home after your wedding. 

Rent items like dishes and linens, even for wedding-related events like showers or brunches. This will help you avoid the waste created by disposable items. 

Potted plants as a wedding centerpiece

5. Attire

Wearing a second-hand or vintage wedding dress is a prime way to save money and cut back on waste associated with the fashion industry. If you’re searching for a dress that hasn’t been worn, research designers that utilize sustainable processes and materials. 

6. Transportation

As glamorous as a destination wedding in Bali might seem, keep in mind that your guests will have to use several modes of transportation. Keep your celebration local and cut back on guests’ travel by hosting your ceremony and reception at the same location. Or, make sure guests carpool to avoid excess car usage. 

7. Registry

Tangible goods are often boxed with endless paper and plastic fillers that create lots of waste. Consider registering for non-tangibles, like experiences or gift cards, that can be transferred virtually and don’t have the added packing material.


Whether you use a handful of these ideas or the entire list, you can celebrate knowing that you reduced your carbon footprint and still had the wedding of your dreams!

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