Darby House Privacy Policy

Third-Party Advertising Partners and Interest-Based Ads:

We use third-party service providers to serve advertisements (banners or links) on our behalf across the internet. These advertising service providers may collect non-identifiable information about your visits to our website and your interactions with our services. Such non-identifiable information does not include your name, address, email address or other personal information. The information is collected through the use of cookies and pixel tags (also known as action tags), which is industry-standard technology used by most major websites.

In addition to the information about your visits to our website, our service providers may also use the information about your visits to other websites to target advertisements for our services.

Online Advertising and Third Parties We Work With:

We work with third-party companies for advertising purposes, including to: serve advertisements across the Internet; track and categorize your activity and interests over time on our website and mobile application, and on third-party websites and mobile applications; and to identify the different device(s) you use to access websites and mobile applications. The information that we gain may be used to customize or personalize the advertisements that are displayed to you.